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Scaling a startup is hard! We want to make this job a little easier by helping founders learn from others who have done this before. We hope to significantly increase their odds of success by sharing practical know-how and inspiring stories in an engaging learning format.

This was our inspiration for starting 10xAcademy: an “MBA on steroids” for startup founders. The four month program combines expert-led roundtables, peer sharing and mentorship for a rich learning experience. It is a focused way of developing the scaling recipe for your startup across all the core areas.

10 pillars that are key to scaling success


Business Design

Uncover your big moves for 10x growth


Org & Leadership

Setup the org to fit your strategy


OKRs & Biz Fin

Convert strategic "whats" into "hows"


Customer Experience

Understand CX drivers to power growth


Founder’s Growth

Lead business, Lead others, Lead self


Branding & Marketing

Build a brand that stands out


Growth & Product

Optimise every stage of customer funnel


People & Culture

Take a “PRD” approach to org building


Ops Excellence

Design-first approach to ops at scale


Tech & Data

Drive scale through a clear blueprint

Just 2 hours a week for 4 months can 10x your odds of success!

Each two-hour session covers one scaling topic in depth. A combination of story-telling, discussions and innovative exercise formats help internalize core concepts

Mentors help transform the learnings into an action plan specific to your context. The mentors, who have personal experience in scaling businesses, will help you push your thinking and get going

The program culminates in a Mock Board Meeting where you share your 12 month scaling plan with experts and peers to get inputs and make the plan stronger

Meet the thought leaders

Strategy & Business Design

Binny Bansal


Rahul Chari

OKRs, Biz Fin & Operations

Neeraj Aggarwal

People Excellence

Mekin Maheshwari

Org Design

Saikiran Krishnamurthy


Naresh Krishnaswamy

Customer Experience

Ramya Segar


Deepak Rajanna

10xAcademy has helped enable deep impact at 16 great startups so far

I met amazing folks as a part of 10xAcademy, and we got to empathize and learn from each other as a peer group. The biggest unlock for Vedantu was how the org is structured, how you manage an organization when you scale beyond 1000 people, what the people practices are, how it should change, and how you should engage. The value that 10xAcademy adds to the startup ecosystem - makes it a no brainer to enroll.
-Vamsi Krishna, Co-Founder & CEO, Vedantu
For a first-time entrepreneur, 10xAcademy is a very enlightening experience. The whole program is very well thought out. I had never thought about the framework to think about designing the org; setting my personal OKRs that add value to the company; frameworks behind people’s practices and culture, etc. Getting to learn all this from experts and peer group has helped me and Meesho evolve.
-Vidit Aatrey, Co-Founder & CEO, Meesho
The best part about 10xAcademy is the combination of theoretical frameworks, subject matter experts, and peer group learning, which is unique. Not many folks are offering this 360 degree view of how to build a business. Highly recommend this for anyone who has arrived at the product-market fit and is looking to scale and take the startup to the next level.
-Sumit Maniyar, Founder & CEO, Rupeek

10xAcademy for Founders

Startup MBA on steroids!


Deep operating Content
Developed from 50+ yrs of combined startup operating experience and 80+ startup client engagements


Experts & Peers share learnings
Experts in each area and peers at a similar stage of evolution tell their stories, hits and misses included!


One-on-one mentoring to help translate learning into reality while running your startup

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our graduates have to say

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