Why We Exist:

Startups are changing the world. We want to enable that change globally

Zero to one gets a lot of attention. The hard job of scaling a startup to 10x does not

Having scaled multiple startups, we now want to give back to the startup ecosystem

How we serve the startup ecosystem


Intuitive products built specially for start-ups, solving their most strategic problems.


We work as part of startup leadership teams to solve problems and build capabilities for 10x scale.

Products that help start-ups attain scale with efficiency


10xGoals helps drive startups’ goals from strategy to execution by achieving ambitious objectives. It is built to make teams more democratic and accountable by enabling change in an effective manner and focusing more on problem solving than mere tracking.


10xPeople helps organisations improve their culture. The tool is designed to help figure out key opportunity areas for improving the health of teams, as well as the relationships between managers and their direct reports.

Services, that help start-ups reach their full potential with a “10x” view

OKR as a service

Using OKRs strategically, we help organisations turn ambitious goals into highly aligned, well structured, measurable outcomes.

Culture development as a service

Using culture development as a key lever for driving positive change, we help organisations achieve maturity and meanigful growth.

Helping 50+ companies in their scaling-up journey

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