A simple and powerful tool for driving your company goals to success

From strategy to execution.

10xGoals is available for a free one month trial for all the companies. To know about the pricing after that period, check out our pricing section.

Align, Collaborate and bring visibility on your goals

Set company objectives and assign them to team members. Align on priorities.

Collaborate in real-time and stay updated with your company's progress.

Run company-wide weekly check-ins at one place. Bring Visibility.

With all these three drivers, everyone can check their contribution to the company's success. Drive self-motivation.

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Learn about executing Goals to success with OKRs


Implementing OKRs

A goal-setting process that allows organisations to set the “Whats” i.e. clear organisation objectives and track their success through the “Hows”.


10xGoals is made by people who have previously driven strategies to successful execution at startups and large scale companies. Meet the people behind 10xGoals.

Helping 50+ companies in their scaling-up journey


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