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Vidit Aatrey

Founder, Meesho

“10xPeople has finally made our HR team analytical. We are able to get to actionables easily and measure progress objectively”


Abhishek Kumar

Founder, MyGate

“10xPeople has strengthened our people practices and helped us build a strong culture on an ongoing basis. This has led to a foundational framework for scaling up”

Build a great workplace culture in 3 easy steps

Listen to the heartbeat of your culture (eNPS®)

Find where you stand in the startup ecosystem with comprehensive surveys to find your employee NPS (rooted in an NLP model that combines qualitative and quantitative sentiment analysis). Ask the right questions designed by our organisational experts and data scientists.

Diagnose results with powerful reports

Deep dive to manager-level insights with mNPS. Find cross linkages between employee engagement, performance, and retention. Game-changing analytics that have 95% turnover prediction success rate.

Evolve with a well-proven action plan

Get actionable solutions visualised through a heatmap that prioritises improvement areas and gives you a data-driven roadmap to a higher eNPS and a thriving organisational health.

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