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10xPeople helps you assess as well as manage your employee NPS (eNPS).

Listen, diagnose and evolve with actionable insights to improve eNPS

With comprehensive surveys to find your eNPS (rooted in an NLP model that combines qualitative and quantitative sentiment analysis).

With the Greek temple heatmaps. Dig in deeper to find what affects your eNPS. Know where you stand with benchmarking against the startup ecosystem.

With actionable solutions visualized through a waterfall map that gives you a clear way forward to build your organization.

Employee NPS (eNPS)

Signals the health of your organization and your culture

10xPeople’s comprehensive surveys address all the elements affecting your People & Culture, and give you an overall and individual eNPS scores. This eNPS is calculated with an NLP model that combines qualitative and quantitative sentiment analysis. This is the baseline of your Organizational health.

A poor eNPS leads to high attrition rates, culture dilution and problems in attracting the right talent. Don’t lose out on building the right culture!

The Greek temple design
A framework to visualize People Excellence


Your org principles lay down the foundation by defining the type of org you want to build, and clearly defining the persona of your startup.


Practices, Processes and People: Rituals, as defined by your org principles, form the pillars which are the most visible part of your org affecting BAU, market perception, and talent market reputation.


Org Health: The culture of your organization signified by eNPS, held strongly by the pillars, forms the roof of your org. With continuous feedback and improvements, your eNPS evolves.

The waterfall map
A sprint approach to build your org health

Arrive at solutions with this sprint approach. The waterfall map gives you a clear way forward to solve your problem.

We have seen startups make needle movements over just 3-6 months through systematic rigor on these waterfall maps.

10X People

The “PRD” approach to building a high-performance startup culture:

If you are a startup founder, there would be many questions that keep you up at night, none more so than “How do I build an org that delivers great business outcomes and has a culture…


The 10xPeople advantage

Hear what founders have to say


Vidit Aatrey

(Co-Founder, Meesho)

“10xPeople has finally made our HR team analytical. We are able to get to actionables easily and measure progress objectively”


Archit Gupta

(Co-Founder, Cleartax)

“10xPeople has given us an actionable blueprint to design our culture, and brought tremendous focus on the NPS of our team”

Cracking the people excellence code at 50+ companies

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1000+ users

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Story behind 10xPeople:

We sought out to explore what can founders use to bring the same level of design thinking and rigour as we use in building products, to people & culture. We started by profiling 30 odd startups we work closely with in the ecosystem (covering more than 10,000 employees and 50 founders), and then relied on our experience of building people charter in some of the growth-stage-turned-unicorn startups such as Flipkart, Ola,, to arrive at a model that founders can refer to, to build and design their culture.

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